Monday, April 19, 2010

ACRL Research Writer’s consultations at the 2010 ALA Annual

ACRL Research Writer’s consultations at the 2010 ALA Annual

The announcement below for Research Writer’s consultations at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference is on behalf of the Research Program Committee. Please forward this announcement as appropriate and consider lending your expertise.

ACRL Research Writer's Consultations @ ALA Annual
The ACRL Research Program Committee (RPC) is once again sponsoring Research Writer’s Consultations at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference, held June 24-29 in Washington, D.C. Aimed at the new or inexperienced writer, the Research Writer’s Consultations will bring together small groups of two to three writers matched with an experienced writer or editor, who will offer guidance and critique.

Are you an ACRL member working on a research article? Would you like some constructive feedback? Submit a draft research paper for consultation. RPC will match new writers with experienced writers and the groups will meet face-to-face during the Washington, D.C. conference. Draft research papers must be submitted by May 22, 2010. Papers will be shared only among members of the designated groups. Submission details follow:

Include on first page: Author’s name and contact information in upper left and a paragraph describing what you would like others to comment on about your paper (e.g,. grammar, writing style, clarity, presentation of the research methodology).

Page limit: 25 double-spaced pages, standard 1” margins

Preferred format: Microsoft Word. Number pages. Footers should include author’s full name and e-mail.

Draft research papers should be in complete enough form for others to read easily.

Submit by May 22 to: Sheril Hook at

Are you an experienced, published writer or editor? Interested in providing guidance to your colleagues who may be writing their first research article? Submit your name and a description of your areas of expertise by May 22, 2010. Reviewers are expected to review papers submitted for their small group in advance of the Washington, D.C. conference, as well as guide their small group consultation onsite during the conference.

Please send your current contact information, a copy of your current resume or list of publications, and a brief description of your current research interests.

Submit by June 1 to: Sheril Hook at

Each group will correspond ahead of time to set up their own meeting time and place at the Annual Conference to critique the papers, discuss approaches for writing, and share ideas on where to submit articles.

Questions should be directed to Sheril Hook at