Tuesday, November 10, 2009

REMINDER - Call for proposals for ALCTS ERIG Midwinter

REMINDER - Call for proposals for ALCTS ERIG Midwinter

Are you an e-resource librarian, publisher or vendor who works regularly with e-resource knowledge base management and standards? Come join in an important discussion at Midwinter!*

The ALCTS E-Resources Interest Group (ERIG) is seeking proposals for participation in a panel at our 2010 Midwinter meeting in Boston on Saturday, January 16, from 10:30am-12:00pm.

The topic for the meeting will be "*In the 'Know': E-Resource Knowledge Base Management and Standards*"

Panel topics might include the following:
- Tips for efficiently maintaining your local e-resource knowledge base
- Tricks, scripts and/or programming skills which KB users have found to be particular useful for maintenance/management
- Challenges and solutions for keeping the knowledge base up-to-date (libraries and vendors)
- Wish list of functionality for the e-resource knowledge base
- *KBART* (*Knowledge Bases And Related Tools*): how will this standard help?
- Is there a better way to do this work cooperatively?

Each panelist will speak for approximately 15 minutes. There will be time for audience participation and questions following the talks.

Please e-mail proposals by November 10th to Amira Aaron, libconsultaa@gmail.com. Proposals should include a title and summary of the talk, as well as the names, positions and e-mail
addresses of the presenters.

Thanks for your help.

Amira Aaron