Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CFP: American Association of Law Libraries 2010 Annual Meeting (Denver, CO)

CFP: American Association of Law Libraries 2010 Annual Meeting (Denver, CO)

The American Association of Law Libraries is currently accepting proposals for their 2010 Annual Meeting (Denver, CO).

More information: http://proposals.aallnet.org/

Summit 2010: Mapping Our Future will be an occasion for building, inspiring, renewing and planning. We will examine each other's strengths, through case studies of services offered by individual libraries and other programs. We will discover "best practices" and fresh insights from speakers outside our profession, who offer us their knowledge and wisdom. We will remind ourselves of our commitment and dedication to our institutions and our customers. We will reconnect with each other and share these newfound aspirations and goals—our map for the future. The AALL Annual Meeting is an opportunity to connect face-to-face, to explore, and to consider opportunities for implementing new ideas.

Attendees of Summit 2010 will learn practical insights from colleagues who share similar experiences and situations and explore creative new ways of envisioning libraries and information services. We may ask challenging questions and empower ourselves to seek viable and imaginative solutions:

How do we build relationships that bridge divisions?
How do we sustain the networks we create?
Are information resources becoming "places?"
How will libraries' services transform as libraries themselves become more "virtual?"
What can we do to enhance the creation, design and flow of information?

All of you plan for the future. Every day, law librarians implement new ideas for building collections and improving information services. Law librarians have goals and dreams for a better tomorrow. We know that you will share these creative ideas, successful case studies, and perceptive visions with your colleagues.