Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BOBCATSSS 2009 in Portugal: Call for papers!

BOBCATSSS 2009 in Portugal: Call for papers!
From 1st of March until 15th of July 2008

The field of information science is in ongoing change. New technology and innovations, such as electronic material in libraries and archives, causes changes in job descriptions and challenges the old ways of thinking and working. Changes in material, the growth in the use of web environment and increasing the pace at work makes information professional to think about the identity of the profession and oneself. Amount of information has been rising exponentially.

BOBCATSSS 2009 symposium explores these questions: How to help the users identify good information from all the spam? How to keep the databases running and all the data available to the users at all situations? And what about the physical material? Is there any use for books and paper documents anymore? Information science has many interests with other disciplines like communications theory and mass media, data processing. What kind of collaboration information scientists have with scholars from other fields and how to improve it? What is Librarian 2.0?


Interdisciplinarity of Information Science
Information Professional and Information Management
The current impact of the new technologies in the life of the Information Professional
The rise and fall of physical libraries and archives
Information Literacy
eLibraries & eArchives
Librarian 2.0