Monday, March 10, 2008

CFP: Library and Archival Security (Peer Reviewed Journal)

CFP: Library and Archival Security (Peer Reviewed Journal)

Peer-reviewed and refereed, Library and Archival Security publishes papers on all aspects of security in libraries, archives, and other information centers, including physical security; data and communications security; relevant legislation; disaster preparedness and recovery; and studies of related social, legal, and ethical issues. The journal publishes research papers, case studies, and book and software reviews on anything which can adversely affect the delivery of services to their intended audiences. Papers of an historical nature are currently being sought, along with ones about disaster preparedness and recovery, and attendant legal issues. Library & Archival Security also contains research reports and case studies.

Intended for scholars and practitioners in the fields of library and archival science concerned with the security and availability of traditional and digital collections, Library & Archival Security
contains articles of theoretical and practical importance, on such topics as:

theft detection and prevention
related inventory methods
security systems and equipment
incidents involving public behavior and safety in libraries
challenges posed by digital collections and the Internet
the security, integrity, and confidentiality of electronic records,
networks, and communications, library Internet sites, and local library
automation systems
the legal and ethical implications of library record keeping

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