Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Call for Papers Baseball and Politics

Call for Papers Baseball and Politics

Editor Ron Briley is seeking manuscripts for an anthology on Baseball and Politics to be published by McFarland & Company. The recent front page newspaper coverage of the Barry Bonds indictment for perjury indicates that the interest in and impact of baseball extends well beyond the playing field. This collection will focus upon the intersection between baseball and the political arena—nationally as well as locally. A diverse range of political opinion will be encouraged in the volume. Possible topics for investigation include:

1. Racial integration and discrimination in the sport
2. The politics of stadium construction and financing
3. Baseball and the women’s question
4. Gays in baseball
5. Baseball and religion
6. Baseball and imperialism
7. Baseball and war (Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War)
8. Political opinions and activities of baseball players and management
9. Youth baseball
10. Baseball and anti-trust legislation
11. The merchandising of baseball both nationally and internationally
12. Baseball academies in Latin America
13. The response of baseball to national emergencies such as 9/11 or the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy
14. Baseball and the World Classic

Inquiries should be addressed to Ron Briley (Sandia Preparatory School, Albuquerque, New Mexico) at rbriley@sandiaprep.org Manuscripts should be approximately 15 to 20 pages double-spaced. Documentation should be in Chicago style (although exceptions may be made for academic disciplines for which MLA is the accepted mode of citation). Manuscripts should be sent electronically in Microsoft Word format to Ron Briley by July 1, 2008.

Ron Briley
Assistant Headmaster
532 Osuna Road, NE
Albuquerque,NM 87113
505-338-3099 (fax)
Email: rbriley@sandiaprep.org