Thursday, August 02, 2007

LITA Acquisitions Editor Position (volunteer)

LITA Acquisitions Editor Position (volunteer)

The Library and Information Technology association invites applications for the member volunteer position of Acquisitions Editor. The Acquisitions Editor is charged with developing topics for LITA Guides and Monographs, soliciting suggested publications from LITA members and others, interacting with authors to produce the publications in manuscript format, and coordinating the editorial review of manuscripts by members of the LITA Publications Committee.


-Is responsible for staying abreast of current and emerging library and information technologies to garner ideas for topical publications.
-Actively solicits authors.
-Determines the most suitable publishing format for the content.
-Works with the Chair of the Publications Committee to coordinate editorial review among committee members, including delivery of manuscripts to individual committee members and determination of deadlines for the editorial review process. Non committee reviewers may be appointed by the committee Chair whenever necessary and appropriate.
-Sets and coordinates schedules with authors and the LITA office.
-Ensures that at least two publications are produced each year.
-Evaluates new technologies with a goal of maximizing exposure and distribution of time sensitive content, and works with the Publications Committee and LITA to implement publishing formats and methodologies that meet the needs of our readership.


-Must have a publication record or background that demonstrates excellent writing skills, recognized scholarship in the field, and editing experience.
-Must have a broad knowledge of current and emerging information and library technologies.
-Must be skilled in working closely and effectively with authors to turn an idea into a useful technology guide.
-Must attend the LITA Publications Committee meetings at Midwinter and ALA Annual Conferences and report on status of and strategies for new publications.
-Must be a member of LITA.


Although there is no pay associated with the position, the person will receive a stipend of $1500/year or will be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses up to $1500/year, and receive free press registration for attending the ALA Midwinter meeting and Annual Conference.

Submit applications to:
Dan Marmion, Chair, LITA Publications Committee

Associate Director for Information Systems and Digital Access
University Libraries of Notre Dame
221 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574/631 3811
Fax: 574/631 6772

The application review begins August 15, 2007.