Thursday, July 05, 2007

Call for Columnists: "The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances"

Call for Columnists: "The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances"

"The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances" is looking for regular columnists who can speak to the issues and background of the journal indicated below. I am especially interested in senior management in public, private, academic, and special libraries writing columns that address issues related to budgeting, management, human resources, development, and outsourcing (among others) in libraries. Columns are needed on a quarterly basis. Please contact the editor directly if you are interested in contributing. Thank you.

Dr. Brad Eden
Editor, _The Bottom Line_
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services and Scholarly
University of California, Santa Barbara

*Key Journal Audiences *

* senior librarians in academic, public and company libraries
* library personnel
* library schools
* consultants

*Coverage *

* Quality editorial on fundraising
* Economics affecting libraries
* Brief notes about grants, taxes and levies
* Internet connections
* Business trends
* Outsourcing library functions

*The Bottom Line is Indexed and Abstracted in*:

* Current Awareness Abstracts
* Emerald Management Reviews
* Information Management & Technology Abstracts
* The Informed Librarian
* Library & Information Science Abstracts (LISA)
* Library Literature and Information Science