Saturday, May 26, 2007

CFP: The Picture Book (Special issue of ImageTexT)

CFP: The Picture Book (Special issue of ImageTexT)

The “Picture Book” special issue of ImageTexT is accepting paper submissions that address the history, form, narrative strategies, and cultural uses of the picture book. Submitted essays should work toward furthering ImageTexT’s ongoing investigation of the material, historical, theoretical, and cultural implications of visual textuality.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

• The history of the picture book and its uses (pedagogical, political, cultural).
• The influence of technological innovation on the production, form, and narrative content of picture books.
• Questions of the tactile and sensorial in picture books.
• The relationship between picture books and comics.
• The relationship between picture books and other aesthetic forms (e.g., film, music, theatre, painting).
• The picture book as “literature” – or the picture book in relation to questions of the literary.
• The relationship between awarding (e.g., the Caldecott Award) and the production and evaluation of picture books.
• The interplay between word and image in the picture book.
• Picture book adaptations of folk/fairy tales, novels, films, cartoons, etc.
• Picture books and nostalgia.
• Questions of audience and/or the function of the reader (e.g., the picture book’s interpellation of the child reader, the “crossover appeal” of picture books, picture books for adults, the influence of the new media and postmodernism on the role of the reader and strategies of
reading picture books).

Please send completed papers in MLA citation format to by October 15, 2007.

Articles submitted should usually not exceed 10,000 words including notes and should be presented to generally accepted academic standards. Please submit all articles by sending an email with the submission attached (including images, etc). If you cannot send attachment of this size please send a copy of your article to the address below. All postal mail submissions should include a copy of the article in electronic form on either a floppy disk or a CD along with three (3) print copies of the article. Articles should be submitted preferably in HTML, or as Microsoft Word, StarOffice, or OpenOffice documents. Webbed essays are encouraged.

Copies of images used in articles should be submitted separately from the body text, as .zipped archives of no larger than 3 MB each. (Larger archives should be submitted via CD-Rom or made accessible to the editor of the issue for download by ftp or WWW page). Images should be in color (where appropriate) and in the highest resolution possible, up to 300 dpi. Acceptable image file formats include .tiff, .psd, .pdf, .png, and .jpg (with minimal compression).

Alternatively, send hard copies to:

Anastasia Ulanowicz, Assistant Professor
Department of English
Univ. of Florida
4008 Turlington Hall
P.O. Box 117310
Gainesville, FL 32611-7310

The guest editor for the special issue is Anastasia Ulanowicz. If you
have any questions, please email