Monday, November 06, 2006

MLA (Medical Library Association) News Technology section seeks authors for 2007

MLA (Medical Library Association) News Technology section seeks authors for 2007

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General information on writing for MLA News:

Choose either of two formats:

1. INTERNET RESOURCES columns are annotated lists of Web sites on topics relevant to health science librarians and their patrons. These can be on health, clinical, or technology topics. Columns generally contain six to 10 URLs, with one- to three- sentence annotations each. Maximum total length: 500 words.

Examples of possible topics include:

* Medical multimedia sites - professional and consumer health
* Resources for improved efficiency, convenience, and getting organized (,
* Collection development resources for medical librarians
* Comparison shopping Web sites for technology items (,,,

2. TECHNOLOGY articles can be topic reviews, case studies, or "state of the technology" pieces. Maximum total length: 700 words.

Examples of possible topics include:

* Latest in screen technology and electronic paper
* Best values in SmartBoards or projectors
* Data mining
* Web-based alternatives to local citation management and style formatting applications

Other topics are welcome and will be seriously considered. Please contact one of us if you know of great resources you'd like to share with your colleagues or have a topic in mind that you'd enjoy investigating. MLA News is published 10 times a year, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Pat Weiss,
Lynne Fox,
Technology Co-Editors, MLA News

Patricia M. Weiss, MLIS
Reference and Information Technology Librarian
Technology Editor, MLA News
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