Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CFP: ACRL/Instruction Section (IS) Current Issue Discussion Groups (ALA Annual Conference, June 2007)

CFP: ACRL/Instruction Section (IS) Current Issue Discussion Groups (ALA Annual Conference, June 2007)

ACRL/Instruction Section (IS)
Current Issue Discussion Groups
Call for proposals for ALA Annual Conference, June 2007

URL: http://www.ala.org/ala/acrlbucket/is/iscommittees/webpages/discussiongroup/cfp2007.pdf

Current Issue Discussion Groups provide a way for IS members to introduce instruction-related topics of current importance, to promote discussion and encourage further research.
Expectations for Current Issue Discussion Group Conveners

For the selected proposals, the proposal author(s) will serve as convener(s) and commit to
• researching the issue;
• identifying key readings, related organizations and/or programs;
• drafting an initial two-page to three-page "Current Issue Digest" summarizing findings about the issue to be posted to ILI-L at least one week before the conference and handed out at the
• facilitating one of two “Current Issue Discussions” at the ALA Annual Conference (in
Washington, DC: June 21–27, 2007);
• revising and submitting a final "Current Issue Digest" to be posted on the IS web site within one month of the discussion; and
• distributing the final Current Issue Digest to the ILI Listserv after the ALA Conference.
• maintaining communication with the Discussion Group Steering Committee Chair throughout.

Who May Apply

Applications are welcome from any IS members.

How to Apply
Complete and submit the proposal form to the IS Current Issue Discussion Group Steering Committee cochair by October 15, 2006. The proposal form is attached. Send the completed form to Rebecca Jackson (rjackson@iastate.edu).

Contact committee co-chair Rebecca Jackson (rjackson@iastate.edu) with questions.

What to Include in the Proposal
• A clear description of the issue
• Rationale for convening a discussion on the issue
• Importance of the issue for academic instruction librarians
• Sample questions that may be used to facilitate group discussion
• Proposed strategies and structure that will maintain group discussion

The potential scope of issues includes, but is not limited to: Teaching methods; Instruction and
information technology; Assessment; Management of instruction programs; Outreach and collaboration; Research in academic information literacy. The topic should be focused enough to be covered reasonably well within the allotted time. (For example “Everything about WIKIs” would be too broad, while “Using WIKIs in Library Instruction at Academic Institutions” might be just the right scope).

Selection will be based on the perceived importance and impact of the proposed topic. Additional selection criteria used in the selection process includes evaluating proposed topics for: timeliness, relevancy, currency, practicality, innovation, evidence of applicant’s knowledge, and clear focus.

Proposals must be submitted by October 15, 2006 for ALA Annual in Washington, DC. By November 30, 2006, proposal writers will be notified as to whether or not their proposal was accepted and will be assigned one of the two discussion time slots. Conveners are responsible for their own conference registration and travel expenses.