Friday, June 02, 2006

ALA 2006: volunteers needed, Creative Ideas in Tech. Services DG

ALA 2006: volunteers needed, Creative Ideas in Tech. Services DG

The ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group will meet at the ALA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA on Sunday, June 25, 2006, from 4:00pm - 5:30pm, in the Vieux Carre room of the Hotel Monteleone. Participants can join breakout discussions on the eight topics listed below. The chair and vice-chair will provide a list of sub-topics at the meeting to serve as a discussion guide. At the end of the discussion period, each group will give a short summary for the benefit of all attendees.

This year, the chair is Kalyani Parthasarathy, Ohio State University and the vice-chair/chair-elect is Carla Davis Cunningham, Temple University.

VOLUNTEER FACILITATOR AND RECORDERS SOUGHT: We need volunteers to facilitate and record the discussions at each topic table. If you would like to facilitate or record, please send your information to Carla Davis Cunningham at (that's ccunni zero one). Indicate all the topics you would be willing to facilitate or record. We would appreciate flexibility on your part as we finalize the assignments.

topics at their tables, making sure everyone participates, and keeping within the allotted time. RECORDERS take notes during discussions and send written reports to the vice-chair soon after the conference is over. These reports form the basis for the report the chair sends to ALCTS. A written summary report is also sent to the Technical Services Quarterly.

The discussion topics are:
1. The Library of Congress' decisions on series titles
2. The impact of RLG/OCLC merger on technical services
3. Policy and procedure manuals for technical services
4. Disaster preparedness in technical services
5. Filling staff positions in technical services
6. Statistics gathering in acquisitions
7. Looking at technical services organization
8. Link resolvers and federated searching for access to electronic resources

VICE-CHAIR/CHAIR-ELECT SOUGHT: The ALCTS Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group is also seeking a volunteer to serve as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. This position is a two year term and a great opportunity to do some relatively non-threatening service to the profession.

Please send your volunteer interests to Carla Davis Cunningham
by June 15.