Monday, February 27, 2006

Call for contributions: Librarians Beyond the Circ Desk

Call for contributions: Librarians Beyond the Circ Desk

Would you like to be included in Librarians Beyond the Circ Desk: Innovative Librarianship on how you became a blogger, book reviewer, host to traveling museum exhibitions, or other complimentary activities furthering librarianship? Libraries Unlimited, Scarecrow, Neal-Schuman, Linworth, and McFarland are interested.

Contributions from public, school, academic, special librarians--one 1250 word article or two articles each 1250 words, are invited. Those sending two articles both accepted will receive a complimentary book as payment. Each "how-to" article will showcase the creativity of contemporary U.S. librarians.

For example, if you design software and are an experienced grants writer, each could be a topic for an article; another combination could be setting up a new library, innovative story hours.

Article(s) and brief resume deadline is April 30, 2006. Bullets, headings are encouraged for clarity, conciseness a basic.

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