Sunday, August 14, 2005

CFP: Pottermania 2005: A Harry Potter Conference

CFP: Pottermania 2005: A Harry Potter Conference
Friday October 14, 2005
Co-sponsored by UC Riverside's English Department and the Center for Ideas and Society

Pottermania 2005 will be a one day conference for scholars and fans of the Harry Potter novels. Given the broad interest in all things Potter, our aim is to hold a conference open to the general public and the press, creating a forum for scholarly analysis of the books as well as a forum for open discussion between scholars and fans of these works. Our hope is that we will be able to provide a space for scholarly discussion that is at the same time welcoming to a more general reading audience. In order to accomplish this goal, we are asking for shorter presentations, of approximately 10 minutes, and are encouraging the use of more creative and interesting presentational methods. We are also building in more time for open discussion than that found at many conferences.

Proposals are sought for papers on any topic relating to the Harry Potter novels, the films, the general Harry Potter phenomenon, or the fan community. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

-Harry Potter and Issues of Translation and Adaptation
Philosophical, Political, and Ethical Issues: May include the depiction of evil or the issues of slavery, sexism, and racism
-Harry Potter seen through the lens of ethnic or gender studies,
anthropology, sociology, psychology, folklore, etc.
-Harry Potter and Its Influences
-Harry Potter and Genre Considerations
-Harry Potter and Audience Expectations
-Harry Potter and Educational Theory
-Harry Potter in the Context of Young Adult or Children's Literature
-Harry Potter and Fanfiction
-Harry Potter and Its Reception: May explore the varied responses and political controversies surrounding the books

Proposals should take the form of an approximately 500-word abstract, as well as a 50-100 word summary for the program book and a 50-100 word biography. All proposals must be received by email by September 1, 2005. Please send all abstracts and questions to Craig Svonkin at